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Hey there, I'm Ash

I also answer to;



or Mrs D.

I am mostly known for my yoga photography or being a Chatty Cathy- I do love a chat, OH, AND a voicenote.


Most days you can find me creating magic at golden hour or drinking tea with my husband while we are entertained by our cute collie x golden retriever - Benji 

One of my biggest loves in this world other than photography is, children. I have always had this longing to look after, educate and care for children. I have aupaired and worked for a number of families around the world. I am forever intrigued and inspired by children and their honesty, curiosity and innocence. I I hope to inspire and educate them and the children of today. If you would also like to help the children of today have a brighter future, head over to ELE. My friends at ELE run an amazing organisation, where every year they put children through school education. With the help of you and I, they can help to educate more children. Head to their website  to get involved.

Now that you know that; I love children , it's obvious I love newborn sessions, family sessions or capturing authentic moments of these cuties at weddings. 

When I am not being a wife, a mama, photographing or at my desk editing, you can find me at the nursery adopting some new plant babies, playing canasta with my husband (or whoever knows how to play),  journalling, reading self help books or spring cleaning.

7 things you may or may not know about me:

  1.  I am obsessed with sunflowers

  2. If I could meet anyone dead or alive, I would meet my granny. (Moms side). Apparently we are soooo similar.

  3. I could play card games ALL THE TIME

  4. I grew up on the South Coast. Small town girl at heart.

  5. I am very interested in Astrology

  6. I enjoy hiking

  7.  SEVEN is my lucky number

STILL HERE?? Lets connect.

I look forward to creating magic with you